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Drip Club Distribution is giving back to our dealers with an offer so good, we’ve had to limit it to one per person! The Dealer Appreciation Box ushers in the holiday season with $1350 retail worth of product for only $399. That’s a 70% margin back to you!
This Dealer Appreciation Box includes both our top-selling juice AND branded unicorn bottles to help you stock up on our latest product and swag. Featuring our most popular brands ANML, Phillip Rocke Signature Series, and Twonk, this offer is limited to one per person and will be shipped on a first-come first-serve basis. Do not miss this opportunity to purchase premium product at a blockbuster price before the holiday frenzy!
Promotion Details: 
- 25 x ANML Classic
- 25 x Phillip Rocke Signature Series
- 25 x Twonk - Jelly
- 25 x ANML ANML Unicorn Bottles
* Nicotine level will be between 0mg and 12mg and spread as evenly as possible
* Flavors will per brand will be spread as evenly as possible
Order Details: 
Limited ONE per person
Will be shipped out on a first come first serve basis
The Drip Club Difference

Drip Club Distribution stands apart from the other dime-a-dozen distributors because we are not a fly-by-night, churn-and-burn operation. The interests of our dealers always come first, and we exist first and foremost as champions of your vape shop's success - we offer marketing support, one-on-one service, and provide you with the tools you need to ensure that our products fly off your shelves. By offering only the finest e-liquids on the planet, including global best-sellers like ANML Vapors and The Milkman, we ensure that we only sell products that are proven to increase your sales and profits with consistency. By browsing, I accept the Terms and Conditions and certify that I am at least the legal smoking age in the state (or country) in which I reside.
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