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Phillip Rocke Signature Series - Case of 100 Bottles (Assorted Nic Levels) | Retail Value $2,000 The two flavors that kicked off the Phillip Rocke Signature Series line is now available in a special, below cost pre-pack. Strawberry Shortcake is Mr. Rocke's nostalgic liking of a refined, classic Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar, an emphatic staple of every American's summer-time fun. Rainbow Rocke's, is an ultra-accurate, complex yet lighthearted rainbow-colored candy vape that will satisfy the sweet tooth of every red-blooded American in their pursuit of the candied flavors of the rainbow. Set includes 100 bottles in these pre-set nicotine levels: Strawberry Shortcake 0mg - 10 bottles 1.5mg - 10 bottles 6mg - 25 bottles 12mg - 5 bottles Rainbow Rockes 0mg - 10 bottles 1.5mg - 10 bottles 6mg - 25 bottles 12mg - 5 bottles
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